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Welcome to the "Common Bible" translation project. Our goal is to create a public domain version of the Bible following the KJV closely, but modernized and corrected as needed---through a process of mutual collaboration, sharing, and challenge. Together, we hope to make the Bible as clear in our day, as it was in the day it was originally translated.

This site also offers a collection of tools to deepen your understanding of the Word of God. Here you can search both the Common Bible and the KJV of the Bible, read and study either version, create or add to verse lists on specific topics, or cross reference chains, or save your own study notes (and flag them public or private). Common Bible also offers memorization tools and a forum area for members to discuss translation and theological issues.

Please be patient while we develop our site. You are welcome to quote from the Common Bible freely, though a link or reference to this website is apprciated. Thank you for visiting the Common Bible.

The Translators

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